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Stoops Specialty Trucks Unveils New Climate Control Straight Truck for Expedited Freight Business

Stoops Specialty Trucks (SST) in Fort Wayne Indiana recently unveiled its new climate control straight truck for the expedited freight industry. Based on its successful line of SST Conversions on the Freightliner Columbia, the new SST100IS1RN is designed specifically for temperature validated reefer applications on the new Freightliner Cascadia CA113. The custom integrated sleeper roof is notched to accommodate both Carrier and Thermo King refrigeration units to be installed above the sleeper for highly specialized climate control applications. This type of overhead mounted reefer unit avoids maintenance problems and excessive repair costs that are associated with the under mount reefer units that are common in this type of truck.

This innovative new roof was designed to reduce aero drag by raising the roof line of the sleeper to match the van body. This improvement significantly reduces the frontal area and will result in improved fuel economy through aerodynamic efficiency. The new design results in a product with OEM styling and superior fit and finish. Some of the features include the View Cube Satellite TV Receiver and the Qualcom mounted securely inside the roof structure to further reduce aero drag and risk of damage to these components. Aerodynamic side panels that direct the air flow around the reefer unit can be easily removed for servicing.

Stoops Specialty Trucks has partnered with Bolt Custom Trucks and Manufacturing in Fort Wayne to manufacture this exclusive line of fully integrated custom sleepers. According to SST Sales Manger, Jeff Jones, this program was developed in response to market demand for larger, fully integrated, aerodynamic upscale sleepers on Class 8 straight trucks. “In addition to increased fuel economy, we were able to increase storage space while significantly increasing the strength of the roof. We are also working on our new “upper bunk” option to be released later this year” says Jones.

These new trucks will feature the new fuel efficient DD13® from Detroit Diesel equipped with BlueTec® and also CARB Certified Clean Idle. This new technology has been thoroughly tested and proven reliable through millions of miles of driving with over 13,000 of these engines on the road today. This new engine has a recommended oil drain interval of 50,000 miles in this application with a B-50 life of 1,000,000 miles. The new chassis has the added benefit of compliance with Federal EPA Smartway guidelines as many shippers and carriers in the industry have requested.

Stoops Specialty Trucks will continue to offer the larger SST130 and SST150 sleeper conversions to all of our customers in various configurations as tractors and straight trucks. These conversions are available on the Cascadia CA125 as well as the new Coronado. Targeted to husband and wife teams, upscale features such as bigger beds, larger refrigerators, auxiliary power units and shower/toilet accommodations are offered. The SST Conversions are designed to offer spacious and luxurious accommodations in a lightweight package.

For more information contact Jeff Jones